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CWPH - Heatless Regenerated Dryer (120-1800 cfm)
A heatless desiccant dryer is frequently the best selection for drying small quantities of air to a -40°F or-100°F dew point, or for drying intermittent flows. Also, due to the nature of the unit, heatless dryers can be very useful in hazardous areas.
Heatless dryers have the following advantages over heated types:
1) Lower original cost than heat reactivated units
2) Require no high voltage power (saves on electrical installation and service expenses)
3) Operates at low temperatures
4) Not a fire or safety hazard
The CWPH units find applications in general industry, mines, process industries, off-shore platforms and drilling rigs. The CWPH dryer is best suited to large volume users of very dry air. the CWPH can be customized to best match end user requirements. The CWPH is designed for simple operation and maintenance.
DESICCANT – High strength 1/4” activated alumina.
PREFILTER – A high-efficiency (HC) coalescing filter is factory-mounted on the dryer package or shipped loose for field mounting. The compressed air is pre filtered prior to entering the dryer's drying vessel to collect any contaminants such as dirt, water or oil droplets from the upstream compressor. The filter has a 0.01 micron and 0.01 ppm rating.
AFTERFILTER – A particulate, (HT) filter is factory-mounted on the dryer package or shipped loose for field mounting. The compressed air is filtered downstream from the drying vessel to collect any dusting that may have occurred as a result of the drying process. The filter has a 1.0 micron rating.
AUTOMATIC DRAIN VALVE – Supplied on the prefilter of every dryer, this is a mechanical float operated drain valve. A no-loss drain or electronic drain can be provided as a shipped-loose option. Larger dryers are equipped with automatic drain valves.
FILTER DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE INDICATORS – These are included on pre- and afterfilters to monitor the condition of filter elements.
* For maximum energy efficiency it is recommended to change prefilter and afterfilter elements every year or when they indicate restricted flow.
DRYING VESSELS – Of welded steel construction, all CWPH models are GB or ASME code stamped. Removable stainless steel screens are provided in the inlet and outlet nozzles of each desiccant tower to prevent carry-over of desiccant. Accessible fill and drain ports.
TOWER PRESSURE GAUGES – 2-1/2” or 3-1/2” dial, 0-300 psig, brass bourdon tube mounted on each vessel for ease of visibility.
PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE – A fire-coded safety valve is located on each desiccant chamber. It is set for 165 psig.
High-performance non lubricated diaphragm valve
Normally open inlet valve
Normally closed exhaust valves
Integrated pilot air circuits.
All models use a high performance, steel bodied check valve with aluminum internals and a silicon seat.
CONTROLS – A NEMA 4 Microprocessor Controller with integrated keypad interface is standard. Includes a dryer schematic with visual indications of: dryer on, dryer alarm, left/right tower drying and left/right tower regeneration.
ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURE – NEMA 4 is the standard enclosure. Constructed in accordance with UL/ULC 508A.
ASSEMBLY – Fully assembled on self-supporting fabricated steel frame.
MANUAL PURGE ADJUSTMENT – A purge adjustment valve is included with a mounted purge pressure gauge.
MUFFLERS - One for each purge air outlet.
1” to 6” Schedule 40, SA53 Gr. B ERW carbon steel pipe.
1” to 2” uses threaded 150# black malleable iron fittings.
3” to 6” flanged and welded fittings. ANSI B16.5 Class 150 raised face flanges.
  Flow Capacity Conn. Dimensions LxWxH Weight
Model M3/min mm Kg
CW-1PH 1.2 ZG 1” 505x360x1188 180
CW-2PH 2.4 ZG 1” 505x360x1646 240
CW-3PH 3.8 DN40 555x360x1553 350
CW-6PH 6.5 DN40 773x400x1018 510
CW-8PH 8.5 DN50 860x500x1950 550
CW-10PH 10.7 DN50 962x700x1880 780
CW-13PH 13.5 DN50 962x700x2090 780
CW-15PH 16 DN80 1175x800x1908 900
CW-20PH 23 DN80 1175x600x2208 1280
CW-25PH 27 DN80 1275x650x2020 1520
CW-30PH 33 DN80 1415x700x2110 1760
CW-40PH 45 DN100 1465x600x2393 2200
CW-50PH 55 DN125 1815x800x2473 2600
CW-60PH 65 DN125 1815x800x2673 3100
CW-80PH 85 DN125 2013x900x2570 4100
CW-100PH 100 DN150 2300x1500x2933 5200
CW-150PH 150 DN200 2700x1800x3429 6000
CW-200PH 200 DN250 2900x2000x3529 6800