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Product name : FILTER
Item :
Details :
The air we breathe contains contamination in the form of water vapors and airborne particles. During the compression process an air compressor concentrates these contaminants and depending on the design and age will even add to the contamination in the form of oil carry over.
These problems can be avoided with the correct selection and application of compressed air filters and dryers from Crownwell. Crownwell compressed air filter features take on the features below:
   A Perfect Seal Every Time: Moulded seal cannot be lost or mis-aligned
Full Flow Inlet: Gives maximum capacity and lowest pressure drop.
   Unique Filter Element: Is available in four filtration grades.
   Fully predictable maintenance schedule. When the filter element is initially installed, the ERI(Element Replacement Indicator) flashes briefly, and then turns off. After six months, it automatically flashes to indicate that it’s time for replacement. 72 hours later, the indicator stays illuminated continuously… alerting everyone within view that replacement is necessary.
Rapid Maintenance: The no-touch process makes element replacement a quick & easy task.
Built in Safety: Simply push for autodrain check and bowl depressuration.
Differential Pressure Indicator: Gives a reminder of filter element life from both sides.
Fixing Clamp: Joins two filters and is a wall mounting bracket in one!
Crownwell Oleophobic filter media actively repels oil and water to reduce pressure drop and running costs to an absolute minimum.Typical filter media soaks up oil and water increasing pressure drop, reducing efficiency and giving higher running costs.
Self-Cleaning Drain Screen: Reduces maintenance and increases reliability.
Model (9,7,5,3,1) Capacity m3/min Connection  Weight (KG)
HEF-0.5 0.6 ZG3/4” 1.5
HEF-001 1.5 ZG3/4”or 1”  1.5/2
HEF-002 2.4 ZG1” 2
HEF-004 4 ZG1-1/2” 3
HEF-005 5 ZG1-1/2” 3.8
HEF-007 7 ZG1-1/2” 4
HEF-010 11 ZG2” 5
HEF-013 13.8 ZG2” 5.5
HEF-015 15 ZG2-1/2” or DN80 8.2/12
HEF-020 20 ZG2-1/2” or DN80 8.5/13
HEF-025 25 DN80 15
HEF-030 30 DN80 25
HEF-035 35 DN80 30
HEF-040 45 DN100 32
HEF-055 55 DN125 40
HEF-060 66 DN125 52
HEF-075 75 DN125 55
HEF-088 88 DN125 80
HEF-110 110 DN150 93
HEF-132 132 DN150 105
HEF-154 154 DN200 143
HEF-180 180 DN200 180
HEF-200 200 DN200 185
HEF-230 230 DN200 190
HEF-250 250 DN200 196
HEF-280 280 DN250 200
HEF-300 310 DN250